What I Lost By Not Showing Up On Medium For One Week?

Amazing stories, making connections and above all — on great ideas!

Drashti Shroff


Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

The more I write, the more I realize that writing is not a one time activity, it is a process. A writer grows with each writing experience and also from each ‘not writing experience’.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we do miss out on performing the sacred activity — writing. We all have our reasons for it and I feel it is okay because at times, other things in life take the front seat and we have no option but to cater our energies towards those things.

Recently, I encountered a similar experience. Despite wanting to write daily, I could not and until yesterday, I was beating myself up about it. I suffered a major FOMO from not writing. Not only could I not write, I barely found any time to show up on Medium and read or engage.

A couple of times, I also made failed attempts to type down what was on my mind and I tried to not care about the quality of that story but it didn’t work. I could not hit publish. I debated with myself on whether writing everyday matters more or writing good. I still do not have a clear answer and maybe there never will be one. It is a subjective opinion.

Despite all the thoughts I juggled with in my head, I did miss out a lot by not showing up on Medium for a week —

Significantly Reduced Reading Time:

The community on Medium is growing by the day and new writers are springing up each day, bringing forth their wonderful stories covering a range of topics.

The best thing about being a Medium reader is that you do not have to qualify as a ‘reader’ to enjoy all the beautiful expressions on the platform. You may read a short poem or a 1500 word long story and both would give you equal contentment of having read something good.

Not showing up on Medium cost me the time I would have otherwise spent in reading works of old, new and established writers and thereupon, the perspectives, stories and tales of creative experiences.

Even though I managed to read a few stories from the Medium app on my phone, the experience was nearly not as amazing as…