Life Does Not End With Your 20s

Stop worrying and start living

Drashti Shroff
2 min readFeb 13


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If you are anyone like me, you’d have already scratched your head a thousand times, wondering why the hell things don’t work the way you want them to.

Been there, done that.

Hi there,

I am your friend in her late 20s. Worried, anxious, hard working and always trying. She wants a lot of things from life.

But the problem until now was that, she wanted all of it right now, at this time, before she grows “too” old.

There have been some important realisations lately.

🔴End of 20s is not the end of life🔴

This is my biggest learning from past two years of trying and failing and I want to talk about this —

There is literally, no shortcut to success.

After I got married and moved to another country, I wanted to achieve everything, ASAP.

More money, more travel, fancy lifestyle and a stylish wardrobe.

I chased fame through my writing. I wanted to be known and make my mark.

I always told myself — “This is the time! If not now, then when?”

I felt like time was flying away and I wasn’t doing enough.

For the last 14 months, I have been hard on myself by trying too much.

Result I have felt a lot of disappointments.

Even today, some of my days start as early as 5 in the morning and end at 10 in the night, when I crash on my bed, exhausted.

I don’t regret any of this but what I and most people who feel pressured to make the most of their 20s, need to understand that -

  • End of 20s is not your deadline to prove anyone, anything.
  • Some things in life simply take time and no matter what you do, there is a time for everything.

Pause a little.

Live in the moment.

Feel the breeze.

Take a deep breath and believe that it will happen.

That’s it.

Just wanted to stop by and say that.

How was your 20s?

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