Here is What I Did With My Last Month’s Medium Earnings

This author is my new obsession, have you read her?

Drashti Shroff


Photo by Alexandra Fuller on Unsplash

Are you a romance freak, like me?

Do you feel deeply? Pain and love.

Do you enjoy getting lost in the world of fictional characters?

If yes, you will love her.

Books by Colleen Hoover have become my newest obsession. The first book of hers which I read was It Ends With Us. It did not particularly stand out in the beginning, felt like reading just another romance novel, the girl, the boy, falling for each other, getting married and so on.

But as the book progressed, it got better and better. The second half of the book just made me fall in love with the author. She hits the nail. Her way of writing and the simplicity with which she tells her stories is just amazing.

I wanted to read the sequel, It Starts With Us, as soon as I finished the first book. Luckily, last month I made $16 on Medium and I thought it was the perfect time to buy her book. So I did. I am half-way through it and only more in love with her.

Image by the author

I keep reading reviews about her other books, she has written 23 in total. I want to read each one of them and possess them too.

I think you know now where I will be spending my additional income from Medium from now on :)

Have you read Colleen Hoover books? What do you think?