Because Your Story Matters

Through it’s interview series, Coffee Times intends to create IMPACT.

Drashti Shroff
2 min readOct 9, 2021


The writer’s community is filled with talent, productivity and creativity. As writers, each one of us is IMPORTANT, irrespective of where we are in our journeys to success.

The Coffee Times Publication values each writer just as much as it enjoys publishing their stories.

Last week, Coffee Times started a new initiative in order to help and support writers in our community by sharing stories of other writers. In the interview series, we published 3 stories, each featuring a different writer.

You can read them here:

We hope to continue the series, bringing new writers on board each week.

Thank you all for your support, claps and engagements. We urge you to keep motivating our writers by reading their interview stories. Help us create an impact on the writing experiences of our fellow writers.

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The upcoming series of interviews will help you to —

  • Get to know the writer a little more — know what worked for them and what didn’t.
  • Find the inspiration you have been looking for — read what keeps other writers on the hook and propels them to keep writing, every day.
  • Engage, interact and ask questions — use the comments section to keep the conversations going.
  • Learn how to navigate common challenges which writers face.

Our featured writers of the week include — Marrisa W., Jake Hilden, Sahil Patel. You can read their interviews from the links shared below:

Do let us know how you are enjoying the interview series. You can share your feedback, suggestions and comments.

Thank you all for the enormous support, encouragement and association with Coffee Times. We are eager to hear from you.



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