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A little background about my WRITING:

- Authored 160+ articles on Medium

- Blogger on Twitter at @Drashtiwani

- 2.5K views on Quora

- Have made $300+ so far from writing online

I am not a big shot writer. I am still evolving, in pursuit of finding a voice.

I have 3+ years of experience in online writing and know a thing or two about how it usually works.

I have had no viral hits or made thousands of $$$$ from any 1 article, but despite that I have grown as a writer and consider myself at a position where I can help others build their momentum.

If it will help you trust me a little more, I also have a diploma in Digital Marketing from one of Ireland's leading university. That is precisely why, I prefer coaching others in online writing, as opposed to just writing on Medium, alone. Be it Twitter, Instagram or Quora, I am here to help you make a great start.

I am offering FREE CONSULTATION CALL for Online Writing.

All you have to do is hit me up with your interest on my email at

I love to help others grow. I encourage others to writer, because writing has changed my life for better, it is POWERFUL.

If you wish to know more about me, read on....

I am Drashti. I was born and raised in India but I now reside in Ireland with my husband.

I am a content writer by profession and I am open to full-time, part-time or freelancing writing opportunities.

I currently work at a local store in the small but beautiful town that I live in.

Tags I wear:-

A Loving Wife 💑: My husband and I have only been married for four months! 😕 (Sure, my husband thinks I am naggy, unnecessarily possessive, and very dramatic but I am a great wife)

The Bossy Sister: Being the nice and obedient elder child that I am, I hit two aims with one arrow. Apart from making my mischievous younger sister notoriously envy of me, I ace at impressing my parents and parents-in-law by being the dutiful daughter/in-law 😝.

✍️ Editor at New Writers Welcome: Taking baby steps into my journey as an editor, I am an excited editor-to-be who is blissfully experiencing the nuances of editing with a wonderful team and a great leader at New Writers Welcome, one of my favorite publications on Medium.

I already have 160+ stories on Medium 😺

I am open to:-

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I love to connect. You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I have defined myself as a writer in this self-braggy piece About Me. I write about Love, Relationships, Life Experiences, My Journey of Writing on Medium, and Emotions.

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