5 Important Takeaways And A Sneak-Peek Into the Life of a Part-Time Creator

The good, the bad, and the okay-ish days

Drashti Shroff


Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

The other day, someone told me, “why do you take up so much up on yourself, when clearly, you are stretching?”

Today morning, as I write this piece, I am feeling a little burned out.

The last 45 days have been mad.

When I began writing on Medium in September 2021, I was just a writer.

But I wanted more.

I kept looking around, I kept learning. I paused, I analysed, I made improvements.

I diversified to other platforms like Twitter and Quora.

After 14 months of unsuccessful toiling on these platforms, I started 2023 with a hell-bent determination to make $$ from my writing.


By taking my writing to LinkedIn and working on building my personal brand.

Choosing LinkedIn over Medium was a big change.

I was no longer, just a ‘writer’.

I became a CREATOR.

Now, along with being a writer, I am also —

  • Editing
  • Scheduling
  • Creating visuals