Welcome to my profile — November 2021

About Me —

I am a young woman, settling in a country different than the one I was born and raised in while exploring a recent marriage. I write about emotions, mental health, relationships, love and cultures. Read my “About Me”.

My most read articles —

Writing about my challenges and vulnerabilities makes me feel empowered. Here are…

Did you know ‘Drashti’ in Indian languages mean vision/sight/perspective?

I find some kind of pleasure and pride in describing myself as a young woman of depth and compassion. I love sophistication — in love, lifestyle and expressions. I am a pseudo perfectionist, comfortable in feeling disappointed when things do not go my way, but I also consciously and continuously…

Here is how —

I had recently written about the importance of sharing Medium stories on external platforms, especially the popular social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can read about how active promotions on Twitter helped me gain followers here —

It was only yesterday, that I learned that we can now…

Here is how it helped me

Like any other social media platform, Medium also allows you to invite/attract views internally (from your Medium followers) and externally (from sharing Medium stories on other platforms of digital engagements, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Recently, I have learnt that some writers are not-so-sure about sharing their stories on external platform…

Drashti Shroff

Writer. Editor at Coffee Times. Open to freelancing. Refer me/hire me if you like my stories. I write about life, emotions, challenges, love.

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