Welcome to my profile — November 2021

About Me —

I am a young woman, settling in a country different than the one I was born and raised in while exploring a recent marriage. I write about emotions, mental health, relationships, love and cultures. Read my “About Me”.

My most read articles —

Writing about my challenges and vulnerabilities makes me feel empowered. Here are…

Did you know ‘Drashti’ in Indian languages mean vision/sight/perspective?

I find some kind of pleasure and pride in describing myself as a young woman of depth and compassion. I love sophistication — in love, lifestyle and expressions. I am a pseudo perfectionist, comfortable in feeling disappointed when things do not go my way, but I also consciously and continuously…

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‘Writing’ is sacred.

‘Writing’ is a beautiful escape into a world that is full of help, healing and support.

‘Writing’ is relaxing, satisfying and soul comforting.

Do my words echo with your experience?

I have written since I was very young, whether it was in a diary or random thoughts…

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Hello 👋 & Welcome 🙌

I am humbled to get this opportunity to introduce and welcome new writers to Coffee Times. I am extremely happy and excited to be welcoming you all.

Can you believe that the first week of the new year is almost over? New year comes with…

Drashti Shroff

Exploring a new life in marriage and in Ireland. I write what I reflect. I run the interview column at Coffee Times. Buy me coffee at https://ko-fi.com/drasht

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