6 Toxic Behaviours That Are Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals

Unleash your true potential by breaking out from the behaviours that have prisoned your self-growth

Drashti Shroff
5 min readMar 2


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The best form of self-care is self-improvement.

As we grow old, we become more self-aware. We aspire to build a healthy self-state, physically and mentally. Sooner or later, we prioritise self over other things in life.

Choosing to leave behind toxicity can be highly refreshing.

As an emotionally sensitive person, I too, am fighting self-doubt, insecurities and fears. Every day, I battle my negative thoughts and try to feed confidence to my soul, through self-talk. Just like you, my goal is also to optimise my productivity and channelise my emotions as strength.

After a lot of reflections and introspection, I could identify 6 unhealthy behaviours that I engage in.

These behaviours are very common and popular. Instead of helping you become more confident and mentally sound, they pull you back in the chaos of self-harm and self-abuse. That is why, it is extremely important to spot them, address them and ultimately, stop engaging with them.

They are:


Acknowledging your mistake and apologising for the harm caused, is a great virtue.

But have you considered that many times, you apologise for the wrong reasons or even when you did not actually commit a mistake? A ‘sorry’ always comes in so handy when you feel unnecessarily guilty for something that was beyond your control. We think we are being polite by apologising but the hard-hitting fact is that saying ‘sorry’ has nothing to do with how humble you are.

For instance, so many of us say sorry for laughing or talking or walking in a certain way.

Research indicates that people who over-apologise suffer from low self-esteem and false guilt. Experts suggest that a good way to address this behaviour is by replacing ‘sorry’ with ‘thank you’. Instead of feeling guity, feel appreciative of the other person and thank them for being considerate.



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