5 Things I Would Do Differently If I Was 20 Again

Consistent failure has taught me what not to do

Drashti Shroff
4 min readFeb 18


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Yesterday, I wrote a piece about how I chased life and success in my 20s, as if end of 20s was the end of life.

Time flies. I will turn 29 in six months and instead of panicking in my late 20s, I decided to reflect. I don’t owe my failures to nothing.

Some habits, some behaviours held me back and I need to work on them.

Yes, I am 28 and not already an agency owner. I haven’t made a 7-figure income for myself and am yet to travel the world. I am living with a highly dynamic career choice which demands me to proactively seek work and money.

I chose this life and so I am not complaining.

But, if I was 20 again, here are 5 things I’d do differently:

1. Not care

There is after all some peace and substance in not being bothered by the judgement of others.

What will they say?”

How will people react?

What will they think of me?

These questions bother all of us at some point of time or the other. The fear of being judged by others is very real.

Nope. Cut it out.

If you want to do something for yourself that you feel right, do it.

Allow only one person to judge you.


I have spent so much time and energy in thinking, contemplating and making assumptions about what will people say — all for nothing.

2. Not please others

Trust me, being a people-pleaser is emotionally and mentally tiring.

You spend a lot of energy in exchange of gaining literally NOTHING.

If you are doing somethings or behaving in a certain way just to please others, DON’T do it.

Do not change yourself to suit others.

I’ve been a people’s pleaser all my life, only to realise that it was all for vain.

3. Not play the victim



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