3 Easy Ways To Befriend Artificial Intelligence As A Writer

Beat the overwhelm of AI writing tools

Drashti Shroff


Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash


There. I said it too. But not just to hop on the trend or out of FOMO.

Heck ya, I haven’t even tried ChatGPT.

I am writing this because I’ve learned something important about all the advancements that are brewing in the writer’s world, thanks to AI technology.

Personally speaking,

I have never felt so drawn to any technology as I am now.

As a writer, I did not explore any of the AI writing tools up until now. I was least bothered with all the debates circling around AI and how it will replace our jobs. I used to think that the hype will die down and people will come back writing the old way — using their creativity.

But I was wrong.

Let me share with you what happened with me last week.

I came across an AI writing tool called Taplio on LinkedIn. It was recommended by one of LinkedIn experts. Just out curiosity, I went ahead and clicked on it.

I was mind-blown 🤯 🤯

On its landing page, Taplio has a demo video which explains the application and how can one use it for writing awesome content. It is a five-minute video but my entire perception of AI changed after that. Instead of keeping myself completely away from it or instead of feeling threatened, I learned how I can optimise AI to my benefit.

Don’ts of AI writing tools:

Before I jump on the ways to approach AI, I wish to highlight 4 don’ts for my fellow writer friends.

Don’t —

  • Just hop on the trend because literally everyone else is obsessed with it.
  • Feel jeopardised. AI is not hijacking your job.
  • Completely ignore it too, because you are missing out an opportunity.
  • Focus too much on speculations.

In a nutshell, don’t pick any extreme or opposite end.

3 Easy ways to slowly befriend AI writing tools: